Wondering How Our Daycare Service Works?

Find out more about our doggie daycare in Charlotte, NC

You don't have to look far to find a great doggie daycare in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team at Play and Stay Pet Resort will keep your pup safe and happy while you're away. Learn more about our dog daycare services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Have questions? We have answers.

Have questions? We have answers.

We understand if you may be a little confused about how our doggie daycare works. Here's a list of our most common questions:

  • What should I expect on my pet's free play day? Every new dog's first visit is free. We use this playday to evaluate your dog's temperament and check their level of safe social interaction with other dogs their size and energy level. You can expect to receive pictures of their day as well as a report card upon pickup detailing their interactions. We split our dogs up by size and temperament to make sure they stay happy all day.
  • Why is doggie daycare something I might be interested in? Dogs are social animals by nature. While every breed needs different levels of interaction and exercise, every pup can benefit from dog daycare services. Daycare can provide a safe environment for your dog to exercise as well as a pack for him/her to be a part of. Daycare also provides your pet with human affection, interaction and attention while you are away on a trip or at work. Many of our clients enjoy getting their pet back from a day of play because it gives them time to cuddle with a tired dog, instead of having to entertain or play with them exhausted after a long days work.
  • What will my dog be doing all day? If your dog is boarding with us their day will start with a 7am potty break followed by breakfast. Breakfast will be served in individual runs. After eating the dogs will stay in their runs for roughly 45 minutes. Dogs should not be allowed to run and play right after eating, rest time reduces the chances of bloat. After eating and resting the dogs will be let out in their predetermined play yards for "off leash" group play. Handlers will be in the yards for safety control and supervision. At noon the dogs will return to their runs for "naptime", after a two hour rest period the dogs will again return to their play yards. If your dog is boarding again dinner will be served at 5 pm followed by another rest period and an opportunity to potty before lights out at 7 pm. If you are bringing your pup in for daycare they will enter the play yard upon arrival and play until "naptime". They will then return to playing with other pups until they are picked up. If we've boarded your pup, we'll let them out early for their first potty break. We'll then feed our dog's breakfast and have them rest before leading them to their designated off-leash play area until noon. At 2 p.m., we'll bring them back out to the play area until you pick them up. If we're boarding them, we'll feed them around 5 p.m., let them rest before playing again and then board them for bed.
  • What's the protocol if my dog is sick or injured? We'll let you know ASAP if your dog is acting strangely.If your dog is sick, we will monitor them (and compare to their normal behavior) and call you to tell you what is going on. Some minor issues (such as, but not limited to upset stomach, anxiety symptoms or small lack of appetite) we will try to address on site with you in the loop. For more serious illness (such as worms, bloody stool..) we will contact you as soon as the problem presents itself. If veterinary attention is needed we will transport your pet to Archdale Animal Hospital or Long Animal Hospital. Once we are at either facility we will give the examining doctor your phone number and a decision on treatment will come from you.Incase of injury that can not be treated by staff's Canine First Aid knowledge, we will rush your pup to the closest clinic and call you as soon as possible.

Still have questions? Call 704-527-9247 now to talk to a handler about our dog daycare services.