Get To Know Our Owners

Meet the dynamic sibling duo behind our doggie daycare in Charlotte, NC

Alma and Jorge Gordinho opened Play and Stay Pet Resort in October 2016. George is our owner, and Alma is our manager. They grew up around dogs their entire lives having numerous different breeds of dogs such as Yorkies, beagles, German shepherds, Rottie lab mix, Fila Brasileiro and Australian Shepard mix. Their family has enjoyed the companionship that canines can offer and have found great joy in owning and running a daycare and boarding facility. They believe dogs are often the ones that rescue humans and change our lives for the better. Alma and Jorge grew up in a small town and enjoy carrying that style of customer service into their business. Attention to detail and knowing each client (and their humans) is an extremely important aspect of operating a successful dog daycare facility in Charlotte, NC.

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Why make us your preferred doggie daycare?

Why make us your preferred doggie daycare?

Play and Stay Pet Resort isn't a chain pet service. You can feel comfortable leaving your pet in our Charlotte, NC facility because:

We provide boutique dog daycare services to ensure your pup gets the attention they need.
We have a huge, temperature-controlled playroom that dogs of all ages and breeds will enjoy.
Our enthusiastic handlers will shower your dog with love and affection.
We can accommodate pups that are fixed and pups that aren't.
We block off 20 spots for our loyal clients and occasionally supply treats for our pups.

At Play and Stay Pet Resort we aim to provide our clients a boutique feel by giving them a safe, comfortable home-style caring environment that allows your dog to get the exercise they need. We provide this by knowing your dog's specific needs, likes, dislikes, allergies, eating habits, and all the other details that make them the unique pet you love so much.

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